Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Trip Back to Florida

I got down and settled into Sarasota in the last week and had a great time doing so. Here's the road the morning I was leaving Ohio.I was making the drive alone so I wanted something to break up the time. Out of nowhere, (actually, out of Google) I found roadfood.com and am now the happiest person alive. The website is run by a married couple, Michael and Jane Stern who travel the globe and find the finest eating establishments. While they have some very nice and fancy places on there, I took a serious liking to the "Soul" locations. I logged an hour or so on their site and found some of the finest places I've ever seen.

The first was in Charlotte, NC and was called, Coffee Cup. Here she is.
The staff inside was the nicest ever and the meal was one of the best I've tasted.

Here's a sketch I did of the outside.

And here's a shot of the interior.

For dinner, I made it down to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina and had food at a place called The Wreck.

The Wreck has never bothered to put a sign out front. People just know it's there cuz it's so sweet. Supposedly, it used to be an old bait shop, and it's not hard to believe after seeing the interior. The place was tiny and easy to miss, but google maps got me there ok.

Here's a shot of the exterior.

Once you're inside, the back opens up and there s decent sized dining area that sits along a little fishing inlet. Here's a shot from my table.
Here's a shot of my beautiful bowl of She-Crab Soup,

And here's a shot of my seafood platter. The owner of the restaurant created this platter, I think, and on the menu it states that he will not make it baked or broiled because it's a "very special platter". It really was amazing and the best meal I can remember eating. Good beer, too; called Palmetto. I'd never heard of it but was really getting into it.

After dinner I went out back and looked at the cool fishing boats.

The next day I woke up and did a little wandering around in Charleston, SC. It was really gorgeous and I really enjoyed myself, just sort of poking around.

Like I said, everything was really gorgeous, but it was the sort of things that I like to snap a photo of and not draw.

But then I saw the USS Yorktown!! I didn't go inside but I sat on the back of my can and did some doodling. Here's the sketch.That was it for SC. I started drivin and wound up in Jacksonville. Look how nice it looks coming in!!Dinner at Beach Road Chicken Dinners. It wasn't anywhere near as good as Coffee Cup or The Wreck, but still; it was crazy awesome and I never would have found anything as cool without roadfood.com. Perfick.
One more quick drawing of random chick in Barnes and Noble and I was in Florida faster than I had even wanted to be.

But it's real nice being back and I got all situated. Next up is thesis!! Time to get bananas.