Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fishing this morning! Went out with my pops but had to come in early cuz the waves were terrifying. Sat in the boat and did some drawings instead.

The first drawing is the fishing hardware!! The tiny names written next to each of the spoon's is the actual name that the company gives to them!! "Blueberry Muffin" is a timeless classic up near Ashtabula, OH, but lately people have been reeling them in on "Mass Confusion" and all different shapes and sizes of "Boys and Girls"!! Fish on!! hahaha

Had some time to kill so sat in parking lot and drew Wal Mart looking enormous.

Then I saw this on my way home and was almost sick from how quaint and picturesque it was. But not sick enough to sit out and savior it for an hour or so. You're very handsome, Ohio!!

Chilled out day.