Saturday, August 20, 2011

Donde Esta La Biblioteca?

Took a long route on my scoot today and went over to Hog Island Oyster Co.

From there, I cruised back and stopped to do some painting.

The photo makes my painting seem like a lie, but it was sunny and blue skies when I started. I'm slow. Also, the frame is a lie. It's not really framed. The painting is still wet and drying in my bathroom. I just photoshopped that on there to try and make it look more impressive! This painting took about 3 hours, which was long enough for the weather to change about 4 times. Lots of deer hunters in the area stopping to check it out and say hello. Also, this was apparently in George Lucas' backyard - the road seen in the painting is Lucas Valley Road.
This was an amazing little stretch of redwoods that I cruised through on my way -And here's a cow I saw -And here's a stretch that I thought was really pretty -And here's my scooter, Morticia, chilling in nature across from where I was painting -A very nice day. Hoping to get back out again tomorrow.
Oh! And I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Chris Nabholz for breakfast this morning. Great to see him, and hope more friends will phone me up if they out to these parts. LOVEU NABHOLZ - GREAT SEEING YOU, FREND!