Monday, July 11, 2011

Pig Newton

Greetings, friends!
Here's some recent drawings. Ever since the Primos Parilla food truck disappeared and stopped serving delicious Argentinean food to my neighborhood I've been very, very upset. Felt the need to include them in this little sketchbook homage as a thanks for the best chicken of all time. They're the truck with the little "RIP" beneath it. Very sad, but I will never forget them or their mushed up green stuff that tasted to good with my chicken.That third truck up from the bottom is the Chairman Bao truck, and I just learned that the graphics on it were designed by James Jean! I had always liked them, and this would explain why. Also did a drawing on Haight street, and the other one's looking at the Ferry building on Embarcadero. Did one of Chinatown, too, but it sucked and my hands were freezing so I'm not posting it because it's just fugly.

How are you doing? Hopefully very well. I miss anyone and everyone that's not here right now and hope this is finding you well!!!
Much love!