Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Back from Winter Break!

Good evening!!
Here's some of the drawings I did during winter break -

Barnes and Noble -
Dunkin' Donuts -

My living room with a Christmas tree -
This last one was a something I made for my mom and pop for Christmas. It's a drawing of a Zamboni to thank them for supporting me through my hockey career (and everything else, too.) I thought the Zamboni would make a fun drawing.

The frame started off as a wooden frame from Michael's and I built up sculpey around it to make fake sculpture-stuff. Then I painted it red and did a layer of gold leaf on top. When it was all covered, i sealed the thing with an acrylic sealer and snapped it all together!! My parents have a lot of nice stuff in their house so I wanted to make it look sort of decoration-ish and classy, but without being pretentious or impersonal. I think it came out looking nice but in a lop-sided, etch-a-sketch sort of way! Good one!
Happy new year to all!!