Sunday, May 8, 2011


Greetings all -
Headed over to Aurora, NY this weekend for a family funeral. Could have been a sad gathering, instead it was beautiful and great seeing everybody. Also lovely to to wish my mum a Happy Mother's Day in person. Aurora is right on Cayuga Lake and I'd almost forgotten how amazing that area of New York is. Here's my doodle:Sadly, Grandma passed away, but being with everyone else that loved her was the best way to say goodbye. Mostly I consider myself privileged for getting a solid 25 years of my life with her. Here's a picture of her:
And last, here is a jam I created this past week on mah computer. It's called "LOL". I named it LOL because all of the drum fills are my favorite and make me giggle every time I listen to this.
LOL.mp3 by robbgibbs

Much love to everyone,