Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rock? "r-o-k"?

Pulled out my phone again and tried to paint -
And here's the video:

iPhone Chipotle Painting from Robb Gibbs on Vimeo.

Drawing on the tiny screen is really hard, but I think it also helps to force good painting habits on me. For example, I constantly have to zoom way out from the image so that I can get a sense of the whole composition. I liken this to standing up and stepping back from an actual canvas.
Painting on the phone also makes me use as big of a brush as possible for each spot on the screen. As soon as I start to fiddle with something really tiny, I wind up with a bunch of noisy scratches that just distract or go unnoticed in the bigger picture. I think the phone is also making me establish a decent method for attacking an image since I can't get too complex with layers or selection edges or nothin.
In this piece, I'm not sure if it's the value structure, composition or the colors (or maybe a bit of all three) that bother me most. But next time I sit down, I want to focus on pushing the light areas on top of the dark areas on top of the light areas on top of the dark areas . . . etc, etc . . . Really concentrate on layering and exaggerating my values. I also want to figure the composition out a bit more w/ a thin brush so it's not such a happy/unhappy accident as I progress through the piece. This one got a little weird and I wound up just slapping on some bright colors in an attempt to separate foreground elements from stuff behind them!
Still, it's a good time trying to make images in a painter-ish way rather than my usual pencil/watercolor-wash-attack method.
Hope you all are doin real nice and that we'll meet again soon!

Happy trails -