Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Art Dumping

Here's some figure drawings from this summer. My hand felt both rusty and fresh at the same time - it was kind of like if a person went blind for a period of 2 years and couldn't see anything - And then all of a sudden, he regains his vision and he can see everything all different! Drawings are awful shaky but I felt like i had tons of fresh perspective with them. Also, there was this crazy awesome guy there who was just a machine. He said he'd never had any art training, but he couldn't stop talking bout the book, "The Natural Way to Draw". I was so into his drawings and trying to make him make me awesome but he was really scared that if he said too much then I'd start drawing like him. He's prolly right. I need to work my own thing! All these are from about 5 or 6 different "Pay-as-you-go" sessions at Cleveland Institute of Art. It's real chilled out and is the most refreshing thing of all time.

Here's a sketch from restaurant I love in Cleveland called Tommy's. I usually stop here b4 the figure drawing for ultimate food healing. Try the cigar sandwich! Mix milkshake flavors and taste craziness!!

Also check out the insane little paper Lunar Module I found online. It is unbelievable. It is EXACTLY like the real NASA one and is all paper! There must be someone else out there who thinks this is awesome. It was a free download and then I just printed it out on my printer here. This little part here took me like 3 hours though, so I stopped building after that. I made my polygon version of it in Maya about the same way this one is built out of paper. I kind of botched it up, but still - very nice!!