Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm doing it! I'm really doing it!!

Wow! I can't believe making a blog is this easy! Pretty much any idiot in the whole world can do this! Perfect!
Anyways, I wanna use this to share stuff I'm working on with classmates and the rest of the world. Feedback is good. So, hopefully people can find me and tell me what to start fixing.
Also I'm hoping it'll really motivate me and yada yada yada . . . . u get the idea.
So here's some stuff! I don't have much scanned, but now that I have my awesome blog inspiration, I'll get a bunch more up.

This one is me trying to figure out what a distant planet's landscape looks like. Unfortunately, to me, it keeps looking like Utah and lame Bill Watterson rip offs. Also, im thinking the clouds need to go. It'd be spacier x 10 with some planets and stars up there, right?

And this one is my two thesis characters. I did a Super Sculpey sculpts of them too.

Making things with sculpey is just about the most irritating thing in the whole world to me. Just when i get something not looking miserable, i'll start working on another part and later find i've been crushing the first part all along. Miserable! I wish I was able to make these things not be so lumpy and more awesome looking.

Moving on, here's a render of some thesis business I've been working on.

And one more of another thing

The Top one is the astronaut's ship and the bottom one is a bit of the alien's. I need to make the astronaut's way more hilarious. As it is, i just referenced picture's of NASA's Lunar Modules as close as I could. I wanted to get it structurally ok and understand how the heck the thing really fits together before I went about jumbling it all up and trying to caricature it.
The one below is just a weird and awkward little opening I'm working on for the alien's ship. It's getting really annoying to work on and I think I'm gonna move onto something else for a while. I started out wanting it to just be swamped with crazy engine stuff, but I've had about as much crazy engine stuff modeling as I can take for a bit. The rest of the ship is really incomplete right now, but I just discovered Gerry Anderson online and will be happy if I can make it 1/2 as cool as any of his.

And finally, here's some sketch work I've been werking! I don't have most of my book scanned, but here's a few of my favorite pages.

How do I make it so that every time i import a new picture, it will just go to the place where my cursor is or at least go to the end?! Right now it just keeps dumping images at the top and I have to drag them down. Someone help me!

Thanks for reading! I got lots more to post once I get through scanning all these things. So come back and visit me!

Right now I'm off to meet my old teacher from a post-secondary art class I had here in Ohio. His name is Blake and he is the best. Hopefully, I can catch him off guard and get a really hilarious picture of him and put it here so people can see how great Blake is.